Bookworm (bibliophage) wrote,

Hurricane Ike - moved on, but certainly not forgotten

Currently, over 88% of Centerpoint Energy's customers are without power. The side of the street I live on, plus the streetlights, is not one of them. I have power, internet, and (apparently) gas.

Our water pressure is very low, so we're not doing a lot there. We don't use that much water anyway, most of the time, so it's not a big deal.

I also have 50 gallons of runoff water set side for toilet flushing and washing if necessary - with chlorine tablets added to it.

So, for right now, we're doing okay. The neighborhood was relatively lightly touched. Lots of limbs down, about six trees per block down, but only a few of those trees seriously damaged property. (almost one per street for being a blockade)

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