Bookworm (bibliophage) wrote,

Massive downtime at hosted customers

I have several servers at ThePlanet's Houston 1 datacenter, originally RackShack, then renamed to EV1servers by EV1 prior to being purchased by ThePlanet.

Saturday, May 31st 2008, at approximately 5:45 PM CST (this is from their site), there was apparently a short in a high voltage feed in their power distribution room, which led to an explosion that knocked out three walls.

I'm assuming it also knocked out all the items ON those walls, which would be the switching equipment, transformers, bus bars, and possibly air handling systems.

I've routed the urgent sites to another server on a smaller bandwidth pipe with a quick and dirty informational message. Hopefully they'll start bringing servers back online by midnight CST on Sunday the 1st. The latest information was that they were going to start testing power at 5 PM, which would take four to five hours. However, the post AT that time didn't seem to say much of anything - it was almost pure marketing speak, which could be taken as "We've started testing, but we're not ready to say anything yet." or it could have been "We've pushed testing back two hours".

They need to replace the person that's doing the reporting with one of the earlier people, which would give us better information.

Questions can be put here.

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