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I'm now a wanted criminal.

That's right, I have a warrant out.


Expired inspection sticker, then got the time wrong on my court date - I showed up an hour and a half after I was supposed to. They'd already closed court (tiny courthouse), and wouldn't talk to me. Well, actually, the officer _did_ open the door, the clerk was still there, and basically gave me the brush off - despite my _being_ there.

What does that mean?

Well, I get to go back tomorrow, and post a $235 bond against the warrant - for an expired inspection sticker. In general, you show them you had the vehicle inspected within 10 days, and it's a $10 fee and the ticket is waived.

Now, I get to see the judge in a month (or so), and basically have to worry about all sorts of things.

You know, don't we have BETTER things for our courts to do than pursue people for "infractions" that are nothing more than attempts to extort more money out of taxpayers? ("Vehicle Registration Fees" "Vehicle Inspection Fees" "License Plate Fee" "Sales Taxes on a vehicle"

Anyway. Now I have to 'bond' myself, as I must be a 'threat' for being late to my court date. Which wasn't even a court date, by the way - there wasn't a judge around, from what the ticket says. This was simply where they say "Do you want to plead guilty and give us money, or do you want to wait another month for the judge?" (A practice, by the way, I think should not be allowed. If it's for that purpose, it shouldn't have a fixed date - it should be a "Take care of it before your trial date." Otherwise, it's the judge or nothing. Even an arraignment has a judge present.)

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