New Booklet Out.

We officially have upgraded our family unit from 2 members to 3. The third member was born vaginally on Thursday evening, June 11th, weighing 9 lbs, 9 oz, and measuring 22" long. Feminine gender.

Hopefully, both mother and daughter will be home by tomorrow evening, but if not, Mother will be home, and daughter will be home in a couple of days (currently on mild supplemental oxygen, while they do a few more tests)

Robin Williams still ROCKS!

Kristie bought two tickets to see Robin Williams for me for Christmas. She's in Detroit, so she couldn't make it, so I took a friend.

We had a great time - floor seating, at the end of a row, and a good view of the stage.

We went to a restaurant and talked before the show, had a good time, and he dropped me off afterwards.

He may be 57 years old, but the lines on his face are about the only way to tell. Dancing around the stage, strange hip and body gyrations, hand gestures - you name it, he did it. Definitely worth the money.

I'll have to pick up the CD of this tour later on.

Oh - He did some topical stuff about Houston. It looks like he spent a bit of time walking around earlier/yesterday, as well as read up on Houston - even insulted Dallas once :)


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As of approximately 4:20, my house lost power. Hopefully the power will come back on again within a couple of hours.

My assumption, right now, is that the power was cut off to let them try to restore power to the rest of the neighborhood at once.

I'll have my cellular phone, and my laptop, and I have two UPS'es that I can drain power out of to keep them running.

Hurricane Ike - moved on, but certainly not forgotten

Currently, over 88% of Centerpoint Energy's customers are without power. The side of the street I live on, plus the streetlights, is not one of them. I have power, internet, and (apparently) gas.

Our water pressure is very low, so we're not doing a lot there. We don't use that much water anyway, most of the time, so it's not a big deal.

I also have 50 gallons of runoff water set side for toilet flushing and washing if necessary - with chlorine tablets added to it.

So, for right now, we're doing okay. The neighborhood was relatively lightly touched. Lots of limbs down, about six trees per block down, but only a few of those trees seriously damaged property. (almost one per street for being a blockade)

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Hurricane Ike is currently looking to hit Houston at an oblique angle - specifically, running up the western side. However, the winds are reaching something like 115 miles out from the center, so Houston _will_ get the dirty side of the storm. I'm planning on staying put, because my folks place is likely to be whacked with heavier winds - they're further west than I am. They do have a generator, however, so after the storm passes, if we're without power for more than a few hours, we'll probably head out that way (working refrigerator and a/c is nice, in Houston) Tonight and tomorrow, I'm planning on going to several customer sites (or accessing them remotely) and making sure that they are backed up to my house. Backups are running right now for sites that I host.

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Arrived at the Doubletree hotel in Pittsburgh, for Anthrocon, on Wednesday afternoon.

Have already had to take care of three customers remotely, by Thursday afternoon.

Looking forward to tracks starting up, picked up registration packet (SuperSponsor), and will be sharing a room with StrikerRedwolf.

Will probably spend some money on items, but hopefully not too much - maybe a good 'at con' badge, since I left the one I got from the C-ACE at home by accident. (I had enough time to have it mailed, but that's okay)

Anthrocon mixer tonight, then off to the room for more remote work.


Massive downtime at hosted customers

I have several servers at ThePlanet's Houston 1 datacenter, originally RackShack, then renamed to EV1servers by EV1 prior to being purchased by ThePlanet.

Saturday, May 31st 2008, at approximately 5:45 PM CST (this is from their site), there was apparently a short in a high voltage feed in their power distribution room, which led to an explosion that knocked out three walls.

I'm assuming it also knocked out all the items ON those walls, which would be the switching equipment, transformers, bus bars, and possibly air handling systems.

I've routed the urgent sites to another server on a smaller bandwidth pipe with a quick and dirty informational message. Hopefully they'll start bringing servers back online by midnight CST on Sunday the 1st. The latest information was that they were going to start testing power at 5 PM, which would take four to five hours. However, the post AT that time didn't seem to say much of anything - it was almost pure marketing speak, which could be taken as "We've started testing, but we're not ready to say anything yet." or it could have been "We've pushed testing back two hours".

They need to replace the person that's doing the reporting with one of the earlier people, which would give us better information.

Questions can be put here.

Letter To Santa

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Saturday I gave sasuga a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). Last Wednesday I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points). Last month I caught a purse-snatcher who stole dicotomygrrl's purse (30 points). Last Thursday I pushed airsick_moth in the mud (-17 points). In February I helped lady_absinthe across the street (6 points).

Overall, I've been nice (88 points). For Christmas I deserve a Pony Slaystation 3!


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I'm now a wanted criminal.

That's right, I have a warrant out.


Expired inspection sticker, then got the time wrong on my court date - I showed up an hour and a half after I was supposed to. They'd already closed court (tiny courthouse), and wouldn't talk to me. Well, actually, the officer _did_ open the door, the clerk was still there, and basically gave me the brush off - despite my _being_ there.

What does that mean?

Well, I get to go back tomorrow, and post a $235 bond against the warrant - for an expired inspection sticker. In general, you show them you had the vehicle inspected within 10 days, and it's a $10 fee and the ticket is waived.

Now, I get to see the judge in a month (or so), and basically have to worry about all sorts of things.

You know, don't we have BETTER things for our courts to do than pursue people for "infractions" that are nothing more than attempts to extort more money out of taxpayers? ("Vehicle Registration Fees" "Vehicle Inspection Fees" "License Plate Fee" "Sales Taxes on a vehicle"

Anyway. Now I have to 'bond' myself, as I must be a 'threat' for being late to my court date. Which wasn't even a court date, by the way - there wasn't a judge around, from what the ticket says. This was simply where they say "Do you want to plead guilty and give us money, or do you want to wait another month for the judge?" (A practice, by the way, I think should not be allowed. If it's for that purpose, it shouldn't have a fixed date - it should be a "Take care of it before your trial date." Otherwise, it's the judge or nothing. Even an arraignment has a judge present.)
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